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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Credentialing or Licensing the Press?

Tuesday, July 21st
NOON to 2:00PM
New York Law School
57 Worth Street - Room A900

New York Press Club members are urged to attend this hearing to provide input into "possible proposals" for amending NYPD's press credentialing process.

The hearing is the first sign of movement by the city in response to a lawsuit filed on behalf of several bloggers who contended that the credentialing process is inconsistent and unconstitutional because it permits NYPD to arbitrarily deny press cards to journalists whose viewpoints are controversial, unpopular or in other ways disagreeable to the department or the city

A media advisory for this hearing reads as follows:

"In conjunction with the possible settlement of a lawsuit, the City is considering amending its press credential rules.

This discussion is being held to solicit input on possible proposals for amendments to the rules.

Members of the media will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggestions.

The discussion will be led by attorneys Norman Siegel (who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the bloggers) and Gabriel Taussig of the New York City Law Department."

The New York Press Club will be represented at the hearing by president, Glenn Schuck.