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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Letter from California: Circa 2001

Fish Tale
By David Houston
Junto Staff Writer
Laytonville, California.
Sindi of Laytonville, Mendecino, County, heard a terrific crash in the middle of the night.
She went to investigate. Out on the highway everything was dark. But by flashlight she saw that a tractor trailer had flipped trying to avoid a pickup that had hit and killed a bear.
The trucker was nowhere to be found. His truck was loaded with frozen fish,
straight, no boxes. Sindi saw that the fish had broken out and had poured off the road,
filling an adjacent ditch. She waded into the ditch, walking on the frozen fish.

Presently there was a voice.... 'You're... standing on my head!'
Sindi dug down, finding the top of the trucker's head.
By then, some other folks from the house had come out, and managed to dig out the trucker -- no doubt saving his life.
The trucker thus became one of the few, if not the only, person whose life was saved on dry land by a school of fish.
(David Houston is an artist and writer who lives in Oakland, California).