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Thursday, 20 November 2008

You're the Man

Barack, We Knew Ye Too Well

By Andrew Hamilton
Junto Staff Writer

You could wait until Obama accepts, re the inauguration. Which, I'm like, 'I don't think so.'

Plus, does anyone really think Joe Lieberman helped John McCain? Joe Lieberman? You think he wasn't worth two or three points for O'Bama? Letting him sit and slobber in a fairly meaningless committee chair is payment for his service as the Manchurian Democrat.

So what's wrong with paying off the UAW? You want to save the $25 billion for Citibank? And you'll complain out of the other side of your mouth when those hybrid Buicks start rolling off the line.

Didn't you hear? The Iraq war is over. They're kicking us out. Out of the cities by 2009, and out of the country by 2011. If Admiral what's-his-name doesn't manage to queer the SOFA by popping off about changing circumstances and scaring El Sadr away.

Rahm Emanuel's father was a courier for Irgun, which shows that at least someone in the new Administrat ion will have paled around with terrorists. Isn't that worth something?

And you want Obie to kick McCain, make him hurt worse? What for? There might be some use for him. Useful idiot, what?

I think our editorial board should re-think this whole deal.

(Staff Writer Andrew Hamilton writes from Trinity Centre, California).