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Monday, 1 September 2008

New! This Fall on Must-see Fox TV!: Meet the Palins!


'Father Knows Best'


'The Beverly Hillbillies'

Yes, it's a lovable re-make of

'Movin' On Up' with those Wild,


Jeffersonian Palins from


All New! All Weird! All-American!
Meet Todd, Sarah, Bristol, Trigg Palin and the others in the gang (all also dubbed with don't you-know lovable Trailer Trash monikers) as they move from their double-wide in the Juneau Trailer Park (also sometimes affectionately called the Alaska 'Governor's Mansion') and mix it up in John and Cindy's seven houses. Running water, included!

Don't miss a never-to-forget surprise moment when the Palins ask John -- in a riotous, laugh-a-minute sequence -- if his seven houses include out-houses!

Watch Sarah has she governs Alaska while breast-feeding Trigg, gets lost in New Mexico (in a laugh-out-loud episode when she confuses Mexico and New Mexico) while trying to gain foreign cooking experience, and planning the upcoming nuptials of her vixen 17-year-old out-of-wedlock daughter Bristol. Now, there's multi-tasking executive experience! Take that Hillary!

Watch Todd snowmobile in Arizona sand!

My friends, watch as John hilariously offers fatherly advice to Bristol about abstinence. Only as a 19th-century Grand Pop can. (Oops! That one came too late).

Will Cindy be outed as a Mormon?

Will Sarah bear up the strain of running for Vice President of the United States of America while trying to find moose to shoot in San Diego while everyone she meets at the Zoo (looking for moose, eh?) hilariously mistakes her for Tina Fey! Stick a pencil in it!

This Lifetime made-for-TV real-life docu-drama sitcom has something for everyone. 'Movin' On Up' American-style!

7PM EST Tuesdays on your Fox affiliate.