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Thursday, 17 August 2006

Food Notes

Minding Your Manners in Quebec

Montreal:-- The following is from Resto, the Official Restaurant Guide to Greater Montreal, published by Centre Infotouriste, Montreal:

Restaurant Etiquette...is there such a thing?

Whether you're having a business lunch or dinner with friends, the restaurant is the one place where manners count!

Recap of the basic good manners...

It is important to address all restaurant personnel with respect: avoid attracting the attention of your waiter by snapping your fingers or calling out 'Hey you!'

The napkin goes on your lap, not around your neck!

Which utensil should you use when there are several knives and forks around the plate? Easy. You start with utensils located at the furthest ends.

You should avoid lowering your head towards the plate to get the food. Rather, use your utensils to bring the food up towards your mouth, not the other ay around!

Glasses are held by the stem and not the bowl. Otherwise, watch out for those fingerprints!

Editor's Note: Bon appetit!