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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Phonphan Wichukilmonkol

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By Janine Yasovant
[WCNews Service]
Phonphan Wichukilmonkol is a newer generation of Thai artist who's constantly working. Most of his works are quickly reserved by art collectors. After Phonphan graduated from Princess Sirindhorn's College, he went to further his education in the faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Communication Design, Bangkok University.
Artist and Works
Phonphan had participated in several projects in Thailand such as Art for Cancer project to help poor patients, as well as for the Rama Foundation and the National Cancer Institute. He also designed a leaflet and a T- shirt, and a bag for the Friends of the Asian Elephants Foundation, and he's constantly submitting  his works for auctions. Moreover, he participated in the 38th Bualuang Art Contest.
His works are very eye-catching. In January-February 2016, he participated in a group art exhibition "The Four Elements" with other three other young artists in Bangkok, and then in March 2016 he joined the group exhibition "99 Arts for the King." 
His works are a mix of oil-based colors with backgrounds in acrylic. Sizes begin from 100 cm by 100 cm  Prices range from around $USD880  to  $USD3600.