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Sunday, 14 May 2017


By Fred Winslow Rust
I like to go to Nassau,
I like to settle down
Among the palms, above the bay,
In this quaint, half-ancient town.
I like to walk in Nassau,
On Bay Street's shady side
And stroll along and see the life,
And shop, -- I need no guide.

I like the Nassau quiet;
No rush of motors through
From everywhere to everywhere,
Through days and night times, too.

Of course I hear the toot of cars.
The carriage bell so sweet,
But visitors come by boat or plane
So motors can't compete.

I like her solid comfort, --
Her latticed porches call, --
Her lovely high walled gardens,
Her people -- best of all.

The smiling natives and the clerks,
The gentry whom I see,
All make me feel I'm Nassau's guest,
And proud that I should be.

And when I go to Nassau,
However long my stay,
I wish I could stay longer, but, --
I'll come again some day!

[From A Song of Nassau and Other Verses, 1935]