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Friday, 18 November 2016

Letter from Washington

By Richard Carreno
[WC News Service]

WASHINGTON -- I read this in The New Yorker, in print, as well, and was equally impressed.  But for some reasons that might somewhat differ from your view. I thought at the time that the tone -- despite many good points in the article -- was too hysterical and crisis laden.  (I still hold this view upon re-reading). Understandable, I suppose, in that it was written just after the biggest presidential upset in history, and the grief at the unexpected was overwhelming for many. (Me included, except for the overwhelming part). Ergo the cry-ins and sensitivity sessions at many institutions of higher learning (Penn included) to calm the nerves of these poor dears.

I am in Washington at the moment, as I write this, and I just visited Trump's new International hotel in the Old Post Office Building. What a triumph in design -- all in bad taste, of course. The rooms run about $400 per night. Less, with discounts of course. Not quite the Georges V. It will serve the right-wing swamp lizards who are now descending on this capital in great numbers. These people from Des Moines and other nether parts who will of course be appropriately impressed. For the rest of us, it's time to boycott Trump properties. Here. Now.  (I was struck by the service of a bellhop who out of one eye noticed I had to relieve myself. You know, that twitchy dance number.  He caught my eye and pointed in the direction of the lavatory. Not a word was spoken. Well done! I also sort of liked the idea that my only activity in Trump-land was to pee on a part of it).

The point is, We really don't know how Trump will proceed -- despite what knowing, elite, establishment New York liberal David Remnick (The New Yorker's saviour and Sy Newhouse's house toady, by the way) might deduce. I think more reasoned thinking suggests that Trump will be at his worst in dealing with social policy(ie healthcare and the like, Supreme Court, etc.. , immigration). He might fare better in international matters (ISIS, Russia, Syria, etc). His administration will be replete with second-raters, with conflicts of interest up the wazoo. So there will be many nefarious compromises of course.

The reaction of the media and responsible corporate press (not Bernie incidentally) is to normalize Trump. (Pence and Nancy Pelosi had a hand-holding session yesterday here, wherein they and press lackeys blew kisses at each other). This is, Trump would say, a YUGE mistake.

Trump must be taken down. In my opinion, this can only happen if the opposition (and I'm not strictly speaking of the Democratic Party) reconstitutes itself to reflect the broad spectrum of the truly and honestly aggrieved and disaffected. All the talking heads of course are talking about Hillary's neglect of white men. But, oddly, they're not commenting on the white, brown, and black men and WOMEN who voted for The Donald. (Hello, Philly suburbs).

The Wall will NOT be built. The swamp will NOT be drained. I wonder how it will take before the White Man brigade realizes that it has been conned -- again!

Earlier today, I stopped at the new Museum of African-American History and Culture. I couldn't get in. No tickets are available, and won't be for months, I'm told. By all accounts that museum is stunning, a true wonder and celebration of America's black minority. (Interesting, Philly's African American Museum is failure. No one goes). These museums are identity keepsakes of course, and makes one wonder when the Museum of Latino History and Culture will open on the mall, celebrating a minority (my minority by the way) whose numbers are far greater than that of the black populace. The point is this: The Dems (viz Hillary) are too constricted by their links to identity groups -- the celebration of diversity, as opposed to unity, our true cause!

Some of us have been saying this for years. Finally we might have a chance to refashion a more progressive form of  neo-liberalism.

Sending you a copy of the article on this topic in today's New York Times.

Meantime, they're still blowing kisses. So I'm not optimistic.