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Monday, 15 August 2016

Book News: Vietnam Angst

War Saga in 60s Setting
Paris to Saigon
Lawrence J. Potesta
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It’s 1966, and Mickey Van escapes the jungles of Vietnam for a cushy post in Germany. James, his best friend, is black, alone, afraid and not so lucky as he fights for his life and sanity in the daily terror of the Hell known as 'Rice and Dice Land.' The letters that these two soldiers share are horrifying, bloody, and brutal as well as life preserving and morale boosting. Following a long and treacherous battle fighting the North Vietnamese, James is cut down by friendly fire and sent home to his sobbing mother in a flag draped coffin along with thousands of other sacrificial lambs.

Mickey Van, suffering from survivor’s guilt, trades his escapades in Paris for likely death as a Medevac helicopter pilot in the country that took James’ life. These choppers bearing giant red crosses taxi maimed and bleeding soldiers screaming for their gods and mothers to healing hands providing that they might someday see their grandchildren.