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Monday, 22 February 2016


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The Artist

By Janine Yasovant
[WC News Service]
Thai artist Vivicha Yodnil produces impressive realistic seascapes. He attempts to capture natural images of rocks, sand, a calm sea, and clear blue sky.
He says, 'My love of rocks, sea and sky began from the journey to Samet island, Rayong province, Thailand, when I was just a freshman of the faculty of painting, sculpture and graphic arts. Silpakorn University. Around forty years ago, the senior students took the first year students. I thought that was my love at first sight with scenery of the island. After that I went there several times on my own during the study at the university and after graduation. Another time I was at the area of Lung Wang bay for over a year. As usual, I painted rocks, sea, and sky. Later, I also traveled to some famous islands and Provinces in Thailand such as Samui island, Phuket Province, Similan island, Krabi Province and Trang Provinces. I think this is my deep love because I don’t want to change my way of painting from the nature of rocks, sea, and sky to something else.'