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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dr Ben -- The Thread

WHY is Dr Ben's back story important? you ask. Because he's made it a centrepiece of his 'rags to riches' 'thug to hug' history, and it's narrative that undergirds his support among his religious-right base. Insofar critics of Carson -- and I am one -- have NOT been able to dent his support by otherwise conventional means (his lack of qualifications, lack of policy specifics, his theocratic understanding of government, points that his base don't care about) the West Point story has become his chink in his armour. He has become, finally, rattled. He is expressing confusion. Watch his increased nervous hand motions, rotations, and butterfly folding of fingers and uptick in his fluttering eyelids as a marker of this. Carson is a high-functioning autistic. Like anyone afflicted as he is, if his pattern of thought is side-tracked (i.e. West Point), he loses it. Main stream media won't go there yet on his point. So finally, a means to take him down. Much worse than Trump, who's simply the PT. Barnum of our time. Carson is the Fr Coughlin of our era. He needs to be STOPPED! Facts might not matter. But lying? Just maybe.
The embarrassing lie was uncovered on the same day he challenged Americans on TV to decide whether he's an 'honest person' or a 'pathological liar.'
Jackie Schifalacqua Atkins Everyone know, or SHOULD, West Point is free. No scholarship needed. It's all on Uncle Sam.
PJ Philly Junto Also you get NOMINATED by your congressman. Sure you can get INVITED but finally ALL invites need to be funnelled thru congo's office.
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Rebekah Boyer The main thing that should have him Banished is that he knows that vaccines cause autism; the data was trashed by the CDC that young black boys are particularly susceptible, and he's calling for mandatory vaccination (because his secret society ties are more important than humanity.) He's a monster.
John Bailey · 2 mutual friends
Like most GOP politicians, he decided against serving in the military. It's in the genes.
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Hunter Carreno I find it amusing you liberals are attacking dr Ben Carson but with Obama your messiah you protect and hide the ugly truth about him
Diana Manister What ugly truth? You mean GOP delusions?
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Rebekah Boyer Speaking of protecting Obama, The U.N. will declare itself global government in November30 !!, unless we hustle....I don't know how we stop it, exactly, but calling our, secret society, don't-give-a fig bought officials is a start ..
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Rebekah Boyer Obama signed the NDAA, Indefinite Detention for Americans. No charges needed, no phone call allowed. And the Monsanto Protection Act. GMOs forever distort the human genome
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Diana Manister Maybe because you went off-topic.
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Rebekah Boyer ...the remarks came back, thanks to you chasing away the off-Topic cops xx
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PJ Philly Junto
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