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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Watana Kreetong

'On the Road' with Thai Artist
By Janine Yasovant
[WC News Service]
Recently I had a chance to meet he Thai artist Watana Kreetong in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was born in Chumporn Province in the south of Thailand. When he was a student at Silpakorn University, he was a student leader and participated in the Friendship Program for 21st Century in Japan. He also received awards and stipulation money for young artists, as well as exhibiting his artworks in National Art Exhibitions in Thailand several times. After he graduated he worked in the advertising business for more than fifteen years. Many times he had ideas to use his remaining time so he quitted his job in 2010 to pursue his goal to create works of art.
He had a blog in Facebook called Painting Rider. His intention is to portray Thailand in the way he really touches and feels. He said to me that he wished to paint pictures the entire Thailand. On the date I met him, I saw he was painting a yellow big roses in the garden at Engka café, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai. Later, this painting became a highlight in at flower painting exhibition at 101 Gallery.
He started Thailand tour in the South and the West in early 2014 and this year his tour program change to the North and the East. The Northeast is the only region he would go in the near future. With his motorcycles, he travels to visit many places and teaches art for children in some schools.
He told me that he loves to pass on his knowledge to children who love art. What he got the most is the happiness from exchanging knowledge and Idea about Art. Exhibition is the way to show his artworks and he hope to collect all pictures from four regions of Thailand in the same exhibition when his journey end.