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Monday, 8 June 2015

Chayanan Arvato

By Janine Yasovant 
[WC News Service]
The Artist
     A native of the island Koh Yoh in the South of Thailand, Chayanan Arvato studied art at Chang Sin College and later got Bachelor’s and Master's degrees from Silpakorn University. His current job is a university lecturer. Chayanan is a role model of an artist who incorporates drawing in the western style. He has observed art works in Europe more than eight times and he found that his knowledge of art is still lacking as each kind of work requires different ways of training. People admired him and called him the best figurative artist in Thailand. I completely agree.

What fascinates Chayanan greatly is the conventional way of bathing for Thai women especially in the countryside. They could use water from the well or large earthen jar in open air bathroom outside the house.  With oil colors and a canvas which is his selected medium, he attempted to create an imaginative scene of a young woman bathing in open air bathroom.  All of his paintings are influenced by western art which have perspective and some space for air. He also adapted techniques from various artists.
He practices to paint every day and use trial and error method to find better techniques for his paintings. He believes that portrait and human figure paintings are the matter of feelings and atmosphere. To make paintings more likable and realistic, most artists would like to emphasize the facial feature and personality of the human figure to express feelings and emotions clearly. This is a matter of human and nature as well as the fight for understanding and finding completeness as much as possible which is the ultimate goal he set. There are countless numbers of postures of bathing which he drafted in his canvas.   

As an art lecturer, Chayanan wishes his students to study the art pieces they can see as well as to gain more knowledge and experience so that they can understand the reality of art. When I talked to Chayanan about his inspiration to paint bathing females, he said that with this concept he could portray the fitting atmosphere and realistic female posture he prepared in his mind perfectly. He also added that there were some rough sketch paintings of female postures he intend to finish them later. But at this time he still release new paintings frequently. Depended on the frame size, works cost around $2,000 to $5,000.

In his free time, he sings Thai country songs. These presentations are available at YouTube.