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Friday, 1 May 2015

Pols Yuck it Up

A Good Time Was Had by All
By Richard Meyer
WASHINGTON [WC News Service] -- Politicians in this country are entitled to a bit of levity. But the spectacle of the Red Carpeted, forced smiles commingling of public servants (so to speak) and "celebrities" at fancy dinner, in a time when middle class families struggle to stay afloat and the income inequality gap is at record levels is a poor spectacle to present to the country at large. 
By the way, I do not mean this in any way as a partisan comment, as these spectacles go on during the Administrations of both parties.

The blurring of the lines between entertainment and politics, as reflected daily in the so-called "News" programs, especially in the morning hours, is a pestilence in our times of serious domestic and foreign issues alike.
After 9/11, many vows were made that the era of irony and frivolousness were over. Instead,we are increasingly a culture of "reality shows," entertainment as news, "viral videos," and such.

One can only hope for a change in the way we conduct our public and political lives.
Follow up
A few days ago, I posted some rather caustic remarks about the White House Correspondents' Dinner and a certain two-hour TV interview in prime time.

A few intelligent and thoughtful individuals seemed to take a bit of umbrage about my remarks, specifically about the ABC special.

Let me, as President Nixon once said, make one thing perfectly clear. In a world full of real and important issues, I find it simply awful that our media spends an inordinate amount of time
on "celebrity" news, endless awards shows, featuring the same people, "viral videos," clips from late night talk shows and the like.

A most excellent author, the late Neil Postman, wrote a book many years ago entitled "Amusing Ourselves To Death." It may be that his prophecy is coming true. Once, and I remember it well, network TV had a number of in depth documentaries about real and serious issues, both foreign and domestic. Now, far more time is spent informing us of celebrity pregnancies, break-ups, jailings and rehab stints than on what is truly important, unless it is visually striking (If it bleeds, it leads).

I care not a whit about who wore what on the Red Carpet, what trivial tune is No. 1 this week, which talent free 'reality show" celebrity is pregnant, or how a "celebrity" transforms his or her physical appearance.
What I do dearly care about, watching TV last night, is the sight of a dedicated Baptist preacher, beloved of his flock, standing in a Baltimore street, watching the eight-year project of his church, a nearly completed senior citizen's center, burn to the ground.

Any comments are welcome; I don't intend to respond to them.
Wishing peace and happiness to all