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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Art and Happiness By Janine Yasovant


For some time, I have followed the Thai artist Prakitsilp Varamissara. He has had several interesting exhibitions which can be seen as blending artistic knowledge from Silpakorn University and local wisdom from the area where he has currently been residing. That is the combination of art in Lanna Thai culture and artistic knowledge from western nations.
For example, in 2013 there was an art exhibition to celebrate 30th Anniversary of his every art exhibitions that was held at the National Art Gallery in Bangkok. Audiences impressed with the varieties of his art works which were so stunning and different. It could be said as if it was not his solo exhibition.
For his previous trip to France in Summer 2014, Professor Prakitsilp accumulated his experiences from the trip and created art works to be exhibited from October - December  2014 in Thailand. Most of art works are drawing sketches, oil and water paintings. This reflected the warm and friendly atmosphere of the southern France where he went to draw some inspiration and exhibited his unique art works there.

On this special occasion I was invited to Engka Café at Doi Saket Chiang Mai to meet Professor Prakitsilp and I had dinner with him and artist’s friends. He brought some of his art collections to show me. I found that he was and easygoing man and generous. He told me his art works were the mix of Lanna Thai and western way of living. He also told me about his house which was not so far from Engka Gallery and surrounded by rice fields and hills.

He said this year, 2015, he retired from Rajamangala Lanna University of Technology. It was the first start of his golden year to create some new paintings for the world happiness. From this meeting I can see his positive outlook on life and a great opportunity to come back for his beloved activity in the appropriate time. I asked about prices for his paintings. He smiled and answered that my paintings were not so expensive. The collectors could even bargain.

Pakitsilp Varamissara has many solo exhibitions each year.