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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Janine Yasovant

Reporting from Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Photo: Janine Yasovant/WCNews Service
[WCNews Service]Recently, I had a chance to visit the house of Pichai Nirund, a Thai national artist in visual arts (Buddhism). He told me that he moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai around ten years ago due to heavy flood in Bangkok. His house is located around foothill of Doi Suthep Mountain. Pichai was born on 7 March 1936 in Bangkok Thailand and he received a title of Thai national artist in 2004. In the Silpakorn University, he was one of the art students who was taught by an Italian professor Silpa Bhirasri (Corrado Feroci 1892-1962)
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Professor Silpa once said in Thai language about Pichai that this young artist has potential. If he put it to good use, he may work on any kind of art very well. Professor Silpa’s words seem to be true. Pichai has many works that got awards from art contests. He specialized in arts about Buddhism for painting and sculpting. Most of his art reflects teachings of the Buddha. Pichai Nirund is a diligent man and has his own uniqueness.
On the day I visited him, he played violin and piano casually and it was very pleasant to listen to. We talked about his work in progress paintings and his life as an artist. I have found that he can use oil color as vibrant as acrylic color and some of his works are mix media. In 1960, his oil on canvas painting called “Ending” won the third prize (Bronze medal) from 11th National Art Exhibition.
This painting piqued the interest of professor Silpa and he saw the outstanding talent of Pichai. Professor Silpa kept a painting of Pichai in his office at Silpakorn University. Pichai also exhibited his works in many countries in the past. At the present he still create more works of art. Many of them will be finished soon and ready to be sent to art lovers. Until now, his paintings and sculptures are very well-known in Thailand. The price of painting ranges around US$ 3,000 to US$35,000.