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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


South Bend, Indiana

It's that time of year when anything is possible. But, according to Mom, it is not necessary to try anything  just because it might be possible. where has her joie de vivre gone? All I wish to do is help with the decorating and display my talents as a very valuable assistant in this household.

Besides, the twinkling lights make my white furry chin reflect a magical glow. Santa is jealous that his beard does not do this.  My chin is real fur, his beard is polyester. What can I say?  There was glitter in the bottom of the carton and it stuck to my tummy....such festivity. Mom said I was littering Twinkies everywhere. What? Me? I hope Santa brings me a stalk of organic celery.  I love organic celery...if she leaves it on the kitchen counter even for a little while, I can just sit there and sniff to my heart's content.  I have no idea why celery makes me so happy, but it does...maybe Santa will bring a stalk just for me?  I have been a very good girl this year, passed my physical with flying colors, although Valium or the kitty-equivalent, had to be administered before Doc Donn was able to get near me. I'm no fool, I know what he is up to and I refuse to be humiliated. I am thirteen and must stand my ground.  Besides, I have perfect teeth. What octogenarian can say that?
Back to the matter at hand. Christmas. Mom says it has become a trumped-up shopping nightmare. She wishes the Three Wise Men had NOT brought gifts to the Baby Jesus as they unwittingly started a Madison Avenue trend that has escalated to monstrous proportions.  Soon a Santa suit will be the costume of choice for Halloween.  And then we have to tolerate every musically un-gifted rock star singing Jingle Bells.  This is ear assault. Over and over.  For weeks.  One good rendition of the Chicago Symphony Chorus and Bach should suffice.  Mom is beside herself with bliss as Maestro Muti is going to conduct CSO, with full 100 voice chorus... Mozart's Requiem.... on her birthday! It's not exactly a jolly little number, but everybody is turning out... I thought that Schubert's "Not Quite Done Yet,' also known as "The Unfinished" by the musically savvy, would be more appropriate for her as she is obviously not finished yet. I think Mom has the right idea...she does not "do presents" but rather donates to her friends' favorite charities. This is a good thing.  No trees are turned into poorly printed paper and bows to be discarded in seconds.  Doesn't benefit the Chinese economy, but that's not her job.  So that is our story.  We shall do what we always do, love each other and hope that everybody else on this great mixed-up orb we call Earth does the same.
We wish you all the best -- warmth, comfort and yes, joy.  Avoid the malls and be happy. I think a soft pat on the head by a kind hand says it all. Happy Holidays!