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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Books Received: French Lessons

Her French Revolution
French Lessons
By Peg Craig
E-book available via Amazon for Kindle

Author Peg Craig introduces:
Meg is a pretty 17-year-old virgin. Her sheltered southern upbringing works very well in Alexandria, Va., but begins to prove burdensome when she is thrown into culture shock. This comical adventure begins with Meg failing to get accepted to any of the 20 colleges she has applied to when, by a twist of fate, she ends up being accepted to The Cathedral College in Paris, France. The tale takes place in one of the most interesting times in modern American….and French history, the one year between May 1967 and May 1968.
   The Vietnam War was raging, segregation existed, males ruled American culture and a young girl’s virginity that was once exalted, was quickly becoming square. It was the 1960’s. Drugs, sex and rock and roll! There was an atmosphere of revolution and protest in the air. People everywhere were beginning to question authority, inequality, and abuse of power by government. Innocence was flat lining and the smell of reefer was everywhere. Meg’s awakening is at the apex of these events.
   This is a coming of age story, a love story, a story about redemption. But most of all, it’s about life and relationships at various stages, brought out by the various characters that are introduced. These colorful characters each have their own compelling stories, mostly funny, some introspective, some sad but all interesting. The tale has subplots that seem superfluous at first, but slowly weave together and arrive at a surprising but heart felt ending.

   It’s a laugh out loud walk down memory lane for Baby Boomers, for their children and grandchildren.
This is about an innocent young girl’s experiences abroad in 1967, in Paris, on her own. We return to a time just before the world turned upside down.
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