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Friday, 27 June 2014


A Church Archway? A Street Loggia?
Groin vaults, that is.

Since 1962, the northside arched entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art has been closed. That's about to change.

At least it will, if the multi-million-dollar Frank Gehry-inspired design plan to expand interior contemporary art gallery space gets done anytime soon.

Museum officials have their fingers crossed. It's one of those run-it-up-the-flagpole,- see-if-anyone-salutes plan.
 WritersClearinghouse News Service

Starchitech Gehry was in town yesterday (26 June) to do a bit of flag waving.

Instrumental in the plan, which
will principally involve new gallery space under the Rocky steps, will be the reopening of the north-south groin vaulted loggia-like corridor that cuts across the building. The north end will be re-introduced as a new museum entrance.

The corridor, or walkway, the museum calls it, is a mammoth, imposing space -- a delight to behold.

Fortunately, progress on building and repurposing the building -- already in the works for more than five years -- will proceed as the cash rolls in, according to museum officials. A good thing! As of now, they don't think the project will be completed until 2028. Ouch!
--Richard Carreño

The Rocky Statue? Look Closely Below

A Photographic Representation

A Model Now on Display

Rocky's in There Somewhere

Now Look Closely

A Airshaft Overhead the Groin Vault Loggia

The 'New" Northside Entrance, Leading to the Vaulted Corridor