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Friday, 9 May 2014

David Cohen Drops in...

Michael Fitts, last night at Penn's Paleastra
Photos: WritersClearinghouse News Service/Richard Carreño

At Michael Fitts's 'Hail
and Farewell' at Penn Law
... Slimmer and Taller
The PJ was invited to a 'hail and farewell,' held last night at  Penn's Palestra, honouring and celebrating the fourteen-year well-respected tenure of Michael Fitts as dean of Penn Law. (Michael will be the new president of Tulane University). Also in attendance was Penn President Amy Gutman and David Cohen, chairman of Penn's board, Comcast honcho, and all-round go-to Philly phixer. The PJ has never encountered Cohen in the flesh before. Surprisingly, there's less flesh to him -- up close and personal. Usually, in photos, he looks like he's going to pop. Also he's taller than I expected. More than six feet. In photos, he looks about 5-feet, four-inches.
--- RDC