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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Reflective Relaxative

For many travelers, public transportation is harried and fraught with anguish. Not so for PJ writer Justin Carreño, a frequent flier. Rather, on-board travel acts as a relaxing sedative. He reports from Washington. 

I like public transportation, specifically flying, for several reasons, but especially because it is the one time in my life when I have no stress, no responsibilities, no commitments, no obligations....
I don't have to be or feel like I have to be anywhere or doing anything, working out, working, driving, doing errands or chores, making phone calls, e-mailing, texting, connecting with people.... There is absolutely nothing to do when you are not in control, and you have no choice but to do nothing except relax... It's probably why I fall asleep before the plane leaves the tarmac and stay asleep until the plane lands.... I'm always disappointed when the plane lands or the train pulls into the station because when I fly or take a train I get really solid, deep, quality sleep....
I could use a good long-haul flight just about now....