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Saturday, 28 September 2013


A Visit With Thai Artists Pichit Paiden
and Nattaleya Paiden

Artwork by husband and wife Thai artists Pichit Paiden and Nattaleya Paiden: I met the couple for the first time recently in the  Doi Saket district Chiang Mai, where they live. This was a great opportunity for me. I had seen their artwork some well-received exhibitions, but I had never interviewed them. Their works are fantastic with surrealism concept.
Nattaleya comes from an artist family from Songkla province, southern Thailand. Her father and grandfather were temple painters. Pichit Paidan started out as a government worker in public relations for five provinces in the south of Thailand.
Our meeting was at a cozy house surrounded by green swamps and rice fields, in Doi Saket around twenty kilometers from downtown. Surprisingly, he sang a song to me. it was his own composition, spreading his dreams to the southern Thai Muslim people. Most of their works reflect warmth of life of the south.
Nattaleya Paidan also takes a different tact. She's motivated family happiness.
--- Janine Yasovant