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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Power Trip

112 JOINS 911 AS
Don't 'cell' your mobile short.
While your phone provider is not quick to reveal any cell phone 'secrets,' more and more consumers are learning that their mobileshave less than well-known -- even hidden -- features.
Like a free battery boost, for example. Even if your battery strength is low when in an emergency, don't worry. Press *3370#. Your phone will restart, showing a 50 percent boost from a otherwise unknown power reserve. (The next time to charge your phone, the reserve will also get re-energized. 

Here's another emergency tip: Even when out of your mobile network, just dial 112. It's a worldwide emergency number and one, incidentally, that be dialed even when your mobile is locked.
Lastly, do you know your unique 15-digit handset serial number? No, I didn't think so. But if do -- write it down -- it'll help in blocking your phone if lost or stolen. Most wayward phones are never returned, of course. Theft is increasing. But if your notify your service provide with the handset number, your lost/stolen phone can be rendered useless by blocking. Even if the thief changes the phone's SIM card, the mobile won't work. Ergo, it also can't be sold in the black market.
Get your serial number by dialing *#06#. The number will appear on your screen.