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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bar None


Chinese Clouds Have Silver Linings


阿德里安 冯韦什特
[Special to The Philadelphia Junto]
Historically, silver has always had a greater value within China than anywhere else in the world. Today, as with most things Chinese, we find history repeating itself. In the 16th & 17th centuries silver had a value double in China to that of Europe, the very same phenomenon being seen today.
The phenomenon on values within China cannot and should not be allowed to detract from quality of workmanship of Chinese Export Silver in exactly the same way as the $155million paid for Picasso’s “La Reve” and $100million for Andy Warhol’s “Eight Elvises” hasn’t detracted from the paintings’ importance.
[Adrien von Ferscht is a specialist expert and a research academic in Chinese export Silver and an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Glasgow].  

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