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Friday, 3 May 2013

See Chagall Now

Tate Show First in 15 Years in UK
'Chagall: Modern Master' brings together eighty of Chagall’s vibrantly expressive drawings, paintings and murals in the first major presentation of his work in the UK for more than fifteen years.

Working on this exhibition has transformed my understanding of Marc Chagall’s art. Our focus on the early years of his artistic practice highlights the profound importance of his move to Paris in 1911. His three years in the French capital brought him into contact with major avant-garde figures, allowing him to develop his own highly personal responses to Cubism and Orphism, and more broadly to the beginnings of abstraction.

What's most surprising was Chagall’s ceaseless experimentation during his time in Paris and return to Russia at the outbreak of WWI. He was able to combine emotive subject matter from his family, hometown and Hasidic Jewish culture with a cutting-edge approach to colour, shape and composition.

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