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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bring on the Clowns


What? Philly trade union Local DC 33 is fired up over Mayor Michael Nutter for being anti-union. Nutter's budget speech to the City Council last week was drowned out by unionists rightfully outraged by Nutter's anti-union, anti-labour positions. He was colourfully labeled 'Bozo' the clown. (Or, maybe they just didn't want to hear his whiny monotone drone of a voice? Good thing Nutter never has to yell 'Charge!' -- unless it's on his City Hall credit card that is).

Anyone really surprised that Nutter is the Scott Walker of the East? Not Philly's school teachers, who have been on the thin edge of Nutter's educational plan wedge. You know, that's the plan to privatise Philly's 'public' school system with charters. (That should make the mayor the darling of Hollywood elites, who, remarkably, have shown contempt for the nation's unionised school teachers).
Add now Nutter's latest: His anti-free speech campaign, raising the racism canard. This is directed to Philadelphia Magazine which had the temerity this month to write about race issues in Philadelphia from a 'white' perspective. Not done in Philly, apparently. One could argue that Nutter was just playing the old double standard gambit. You know, no evidence that he has been upset by black racism. (Who can forget John Street's infamous remark that Philly is 'run by the brothers,' which, incidentally quite true? It's just owned by Main Line whites). The problem with Philly Mag's article was that it was badly reported and badly written.
Thankfully, this is Nutter's last term, before, predictably, he gets his 'golden parachute' in no doubt the private sector. (Charters, anyone?).
Bozo will depart. But another one will walk on board. Such is the case in Philly. Bring on the clowns.
-- RDC