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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Go, Going, Gone!

Photos: Writers Clearinghouse News Service

Books Giveaway

Book ConneXion Makes Love Connections

 Richard Carreño
[Writers Clearinghouse News Service]
Sometimes it's harder to give away a book than sell one.
Maybe it had something to do with the venue, the Philadelphia International Airport, a place that's fired up with wired up travellers. Maybe it had something to do with the experiment's offering, A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Still it was a bestseller a few years ago.

I'm the managing partner of philabooks|booksellers (philabooksbooksellers.com). Like other booksellers, I need to cull my shelves of books that for whatever reason haven't sold. What I call 'failing to make a love connection.' I always give away the books, donating through philabooks' charity, the Philadelphia Book ConneXion. Sometimes they go to schools. Sometimes to the Kelly Writers House at Penn. Sometimes I just leave them lying about so they can make a serendipitous 'love connection' with a subway or bus rider, or someone just waiting for a train at Suburban Station. I've distributed hundreds of books in this manner.
Then I thought of the experiment. I decided that I'd keep tabs on a single book for a period of time, something that I hadn't done before. Where to these Book ConneXion volumes wind up? Who is a likely 'love connection' partner? I've always wondered about the new home of these books.. One reason all these texts carry a label in the inside front cover reading:
Here's another FREE book from the Philadelphia Book ConneXion. Please accept it as our gift. Or, when finished, pass it on to another worthy reader. The ConneXion is empowered by philabooks|booksellers, the area's premier on-line book. Want another free book, or get involved in sharing free books with others? Contact: philabooks@yahoo.com, or explore our catalog via www.philabooksbooksellers.com.
Yes, a Girls Guide was finally picked up, after awaiting a lucky reader for more than four hours at Gate B6. Thousands passed. Scores sat at the B6 seats in the concourse. Some travellers fingered the book. One placed it under the bench. I returned it to the seat. Finally, it disappeared -- when I wasn't looking! Another 'love connection' thanks to the Philadelphia Book ConneXion? So far, no one has contacted me. Hope so.
And, yes, contact me if you want free books to distribute.