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Monday, 21 January 2013

Core Values

R.W 'Johnny' Apple Jr.
All Items That  Fit Right and Light
Johnny Apple on Travel Packing

By Richard Carreño
[Writers Clearinghouse News Service]
R.W. Apple Jr., the late correspondent for The New York Times, was best known for his globe trotting as the paper's roving reporter. Yes, there was such a job, and there was no one better suited for than 'Johnny' Apple, as he was known.

'Roving reporter' meant to Apple writing about anything he was interested in. The arts, culture, and travel adventures were his forte. Later, as his experience grew, supplemented by growing girth, Apple also became a wonderful food and restaurant critic, and the author of several guides on the subjects.

Actually, Apple was more epicure than critic. I don't think he would have liked the sharp-edged critiques of Michael Winner, The Sunday Times' resto critic and probably the best of the lot until his death this past weekend in London. Apple sampled the best, and reported with delicacy and a knowing eye for quality and luxury. His were sympathetic renderings. He could be saucy. But any rotten apples in his gastronomic bunch, never crossed his lips, much less his palate.

Like many reporters of his era's stamp, Apple was always prepared to embark on his next venture. This resulted in always having an overnight bag pre-packed, ready for aircraft boarding. This is lesser-known Apple. For anyone who wants to travel light, unencumbered by the terror of over-weight overpacking, Apple's advice ranks as maybe the best. Here are some of Apple's core elements for packing simple, right, and light.

Clothes in Suitcase:
Pack for five days, including what your wearing on Day One.
Cord trousers
Polo shirts (summer)
Turtleneck shirts (winter)
Sportscoat/blazer/travel jacket
Loafers (Preferably Italian, accoring to Apple)
Dress shirts
Knit neckties (No creasing)
Navy-coloured medium weight wood suit
Cotton bathrobe
Toilet kit
Bathing suit
Boots/heavy shoes
Travel bag for extras

Miscellaneous in Briefcase:
Miniature toilet kit
Pocket calculator
Address book
Travel Guides
Flashlight and batteries
Traveller's cheques and foreign cash
Swiss Army knife
Tape recorder

Apple's list ante-dated lap-top carrying. In recognition of our new techie age, I add these other items in my travel kit.

Lap-top computer
Power cords
Unlocked primary phone
Extra unlocked phones
Espadrilles for bedroom, pool, and/or beach.