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Monday, 15 October 2012

A Hottie?

A Hottie?
Smilin' Joe Biden Joltin' Voltage
Will President Obama beam high-voltage grin-and-bear its in his debate tomorrow with Mitt Romney, as did Smilin' Joe Biden with Paul Ryan in his vice-presidential debate. Not likely.
VPOTUS got some smack-back for mugging. Still, not everyone is unhappy with Biden's Julia-Roberts-on-steroids smile. In fact, Ruth Rosen of Philadelphia calls the Biden tooth-baring a 'warm, sweet smile.' At least that's what she said four years ago as the first Obama-Biden race was still under way in a letter to The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Inky's editorial editor headlined Ms Rosen's letter with 'Hottie Joe.'
'Am I the only one to have given serious thought to the manly appeal of Joe Biden?' Ms Rosen deadpanned. 'Are we immune to his warm, sweet smile? Are we not stirred by his  broad shoulders? Are we incapable of fantasising? He's not merely sexy -- he's hot.'
Ms Rosen isn't the first one to get all tingly over the Obama-Biden ticket. Talkmeister Chris Matthews has admitted his leg twinges with a thrill every time he hears the President speak.
Let's hope for Obama's sake,  that the President checks the over-the-top smiling. His under-the-radar leg twinging should do the trick -- at least for Matthews and the MSNBC crowd.
-- Richard Carreño