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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

London: Olympics

Opening Night Ceremonies Fizzle
By JP Trevor
WritersClearinghouse News Service
Oh dear. What has happened to the creative minds in the Kingdom?
National Health Service beds with lit-up sheets and small children underneath while JK Rowling's creatures from hell danced around the beds.... I bet a lot of children will shiver with fear in UK hospitals after that nightmare scene.
Apart from the nice flaming Olympic circles (called RFC for Raining Fire Curtain: not something to exhaust one's imagination as an idea though), the rest of the £43,000,000 ceremony was sink-in-your-seat awful.
It was relief when all the strobe lights and movement came to an end - talk about battering the senses.
What happened to 'less is more.'
What was really sad was that nothing seemed to move the soul or the heart. Wouldn't you think that would have been easy to do with a budget of £43 millio.?

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