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Friday, 22 June 2012

Rittenhouse Squared

Mayor Michael A. Nutter was on hand, looking pissed off as usual.
Photos: Writers Clearinghouse News Service
Center City Square
Expands Green Oasis
An empty lot on the northwest corner of Rittenhouse Square, once touted as the possible mixed-use hotel site by an Irish development community, has instead become green space, thanks to the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society.

The Society, which debuted the bushy, grassy green oasis to the community today, called it a 'pop-up park.' More like a garden, I'd say. Whatever you call it, the space is no longer the eye-sore that the festering vacancy lot has been for decades. Interestingly enough, there was seemingly no opposition to the garden/park by neighbor groups, which normally fight everything. (Ie. Rittenhouse Square Neighborhood Association: 'No. Now, what's the question?'

This is the second consecutive summer that the greenthumbers came through with a green open space in Center City. Last year the pop-up was at the corner of Market and 20th streets. Like the Rittenhouse Square location, the Market Street site has also been long vacant. Is the Horticulture Society suggesting something?
-- Richard Carreño