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Thursday, 5 May 2011

That was Then...

 All photos: Writers Clearinghouse
The site, above, on MacDougall Street where the
 famed Figaro Cafe was once located.

...This Is Now

Across the street, the equally
 well-known Cafe Borgia was located.

The Riviera Cafe, at 6th Avenue and Christopher Street, hasn't changed. It was a favourite lunch spot, with friends and family.

At 6th Avenue and Christopher Street, the site of old Village Voice when Norman Mailer and other writers of that period wrote for it.

Just a few doors from Village Voice corner,
 the site of the old Lion's Head Restaurant.

At corner of 8th Avenue and West Fourth Street, my old second-floor apartment at 340 West Fourth Street. There were about six of us, including
 at one time or another Mark Alpert,
 Terry Bagg, and Joanne Putnoi.

Below was the deli owned by Mr Camacho, who also owned the building. We'd pay rent to him, while buying cigarettes and other supplies. My brand was Gitanes bout filtres. 

Incredibly, the deli sign is still there, though the deli area is a chi-chi gift shop.