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Monday, 28 March 2011


Nassau Memories
from St. Andrew's

The Old School, off Shirley Road

I think I knew you as "Dick" Carreno when I lived in "Morningstar", the house on Eastern Road at the foot of San Souci Road in the early '60s. I also think you were in my sister Cindy's class at Saint Andrew's, and like you, we were Caribs.

You may recall me befriending you and Laughlin 'Lockey' Knowles, who lived at the base of the hill on Sans Souci. It was you and Lockey who taught me how to make bean guns, and the three of us would sometimes bicycle down to Dick's Point and take on the Roberts boys and the rest of the Dick's Point crowd in bean gun wars. At one time they had constructed a huge fort made out of old packing cases, and I remember being "taken prisoner" in the base of the fort.

I remember making steerable carts with you and Lockey out of 2x4s with 6" wheels and riding them down Sans Souci hill, trying not to crash into the Knowles' wall at the base of the hill.

I am pretty sure it was your mother who gave me first aid when I stepped on a nail while we were exploring a construction site next door to your house on Sans Souci. Do I remember correctly that is where you lived? I believe you had a very impressive comic book collection at the time.

We also used to explore the fruit tree farm that could be found down the trail at the end of San Souci - and get chased by the caretaker waving a machete when we made off with his grapefruit.

Do I have the right person?

Derick Gates
Class of '65 at St. Andrew's