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Friday, 3 September 2010

An Open Letter

To a Master of his Craft

Mr A. Ady Gelber,
President and CEO
233 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003-1606

Dear Mr Gelber,
I never complain. I have rare chances to praise. But I'm compelled to express my gratitude to your fine company – and, most especially, to Mr Shmulik Hader – for our recent introduction to Israel.

From the first, when we met Mr Hader on Saturday, 21 August, in Tel Aviv, to our departure visit in Old City on Saturday, 28 August, in Jerusalem, we knew we were in good, expert hands.

Ours was no once-over-lightly tour. Our group, seven in all, was challenged, entertained, and educated by a master of his craft, at the top of his game. In all ways, Mr Hader was professional, charming, and thoughtful. There were few tidbits or insights that he did not immediately have at his grasp and – as important – he wasn't eager to seek out if he didn't readily know.

Mr Hader was not simply a 'tour' guide – he was our medium to discovering Israel's heart and soul. I felt I was transported to my university days as Mr Hader immersed us in a nuanced and balanced understanding of great cultures, religions, and civilisations.

It is customary for a teacher to give a student a grade. If I might, let me give 'Professor' Hader one of my own: A+++.

Yours truly,
Richard CARRENO.
Joan T. KANE.