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Monday, 5 April 2010

GOP, Yes...

... But NOT for Sarah Palin

By Ron Alonzo
Junto Staff Writer Bio
I am not liberal or progressive, I am in the left wing of Republican party, that bit that cannot vote for Sarah Palin.
I see things differently than most of my colleagues.. The Chinese taught me that Truth has many faces and everybody's story is important.
At college I was a Poli Sci major expecting to go into army with all my ROTC --  three years of military prep school and one college year - - and going to law school and having the Army pay for it. I had a kidney infection which kept my out of the draft and service, and a Poli Sci without enough mulla to go to law school. So I went to T-Bird and luckily had Ralph Carreno was the boss who set my course.
I remember the night Ralph, you and I got thrown out of the New York City restaurant for arguing so loudly about the Vietnam War (1968).
I do not like the present political climate because everyone is talking and no one is listening.
Obama has good credentials, but may not be given a chance.
Can you imagine what the 3rd C AD the Nicene conference must have been like after 300 years after Christ's crucifixion?
We live by cliche and sayings, but to me that I picked up along the way is the story of a man who had an audience with the Pope.
When ushered in and he was asked his request he said - Your Holiness, my company is prepared to donate to you every year 10 billion dollars if you change the Lord's Prayer to ... give us this day our daily bread (and add) and BEER!
The Pope almost fell over and yelled Blasphemy!, and requested the Swiss Guards get him out of the building.
He was taken by the Swiss Guards and turned and said 50 Billion dollars a year, and the Pope almost in a rage waved him out. The man said, "Last offer, 1 trillion dollars a year!"
Finally after a few seconds came a voice, "Please tell me, How much are the bread people paying you?"
In secular life you tell jokes to get around politically incorrect situations.
If you think of Bill O'Reilly and his spin concept and my aforementioned Nicene conference that validated the trilogy, you have to think of that line To Err is human and to Forgive divine.
Our society wants to treat symptoms and diseases - old cliche, but no one is listening.
So if you think Health Care is Just, think of how much we spend on each state and Federal Prisoner each year. The last tally I heard was $48,009  per state and Federal and High Security is over $100,000. Should we not spend this on the children before they turn prison age anad rebels with out a cause?
Back to the Niacene Early Christian meeting, the concept of the trinity turned the church up side down.
To this day there is not total agreement. Yet, Islam is not willing to talk to Christians because of its monotheism. "No other God before me" (one God) Chirstians say  three in one". They put down their knitting and then go blast each other.