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Monday, 23 November 2009

Books Received

Your Horse Business

Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business, 2nd Edition
Mary Ashby McDonald
Storey Publishing
224 pp $19.95
(Available at @philabooks|booksellers for $14.99)

For horse lovers, starting their business in the equine industry is their dream job. Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business, the best-selling book on how to plan, set up, and run a horse business is now fully updated and expanded. Since the first edition, published in 1997 with sales of 70,000 copies, author Mary Ashby McDonald earned a veterinary degree and has worked as a vet iun South America and Africa, training villagers in animal hygiene. Her experience in the field and the updated information and added features ensure that the revised edition will be a staple for any equine entrepreneur.