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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Michael, He Hardly Knew Ye

City Hall: A-Nutter Mess
To the Editor:
'Fitlhadephia' is alive and well, as our walk on Labor Day through City Hall Plaza -- of all places! -- makes perfectly clear. Just below Mayor Nutter's office windows, we passed the courtyard cafe -- overflowing with trash. Ditto for the rest of the courtyard. The plaza was no different.
This our ground zero for tourists and visitors, and how shameful that fifth is the image of our our city. Especially, since City Hall is such an architectural wonder 
We know there's a budget crunch, but City Hall has plenty of staff that can take turns sweeping the mess. That's all it takes.
We just returned from Chicago, and we would be hard pressed to imagine that Mayor Daley would allow Chicago City Hall be trashed the way our City Hall is. He'd get it done. Let's do the same in Philly.
Joan T. Kane
Richard Carreno

Philadelphia PA 19103