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Saturday, 8 August 2009

The Subway from El


By Liliane Clever
Junto Staff Writer
Went up to the Septa window, asked for a 10-pack of tokens and gave the employee a $20 bill. A simple transaction, you'd think?

The Septa guy looked at a chart, and told me that it would cost $14.50.. He took my $20 bill and gave me 50 cents back. OK. Good start. He then slowed down considerably, looked at the chart a least twice, looked at my $20 bill, and reached a complete standstill.

After a while, he asked me if he still owed me $5 more. I said, ' Yes, indeed, $5 more please!'

He gave me a $5 bill and 5 tokens. This took me in such surprise that I did not react right away. I managed to say that I had just paid for 10 tokens not five. He looked at his chart yet again, thought a bit more, and hesitantly gave me a second five- pack.
He looked confused and slightly suspicious.
I said thank you and went through the turnstile.

One more Septa story to add to my daily Septa experience. I won't mention, of course, the time I asked for a 10- pack and gave the employee $20.50!

Forget the Smart Card that Septa has been promising for more than five years. How about some less-than-dumb employees.