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Thursday, 6 August 2009

One El of a Park

Junto Photos/Richard Carreno
High Time for High Line
On recent visit to New York, I wandered through the first phase of that city'new High Line Park, running parallel, from the West Village to West 20th Street, with the former West Side Drive. It's still a New York thing. The workers I spoke to said that tourists haven't quite figured it out yet. On the morning of my visit, on a weekday, there were no crowds -- but lots of activity (see modeling shoot) and inactivity (basking on a chaise longue).

Philly Has One, Too
By Mark Brakeman
Cutting a wide swath through northern Center City, the abandoned Reading Viaduct stands as an intractable ghost of training's glorious past, but a small band of preservationists are trying get it to move on to a new dimension.

The overhead railway began operating in the 1890s to carry commuter trains from the Reading train shed at 12th and Arch Sts. to points north of the city. It was abandoned in 1984 with the opening of the Center City commuter tunnel.

But it has continued to squat in many neighborhoods in that area like an unwelcome guest, and has served as a comfortable bed for the weeds and grasses that have taken it over as their own boudoir. [more...]
(From the 5 August 2009 edition of the Weekly Press).

Actually, Philly Has Two, Too
Another Philadelphia High Line El is located between Washington and Oregon Avenues, in South Philly. I think it, too, involved commuter rail (by the Baltimore & Ohio), and it, as well, was abandoned.