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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Books Received

News from Storey Publishing, North Adams, Massachusetts
If You Know Any Horse-Crazy Kids,
Get Them Horse Crazy!

Horse Crazy!
Story Publishing: August 2009
376 pp
$16.95 Paper

Everybody knows a horse-crazy kid -- the one who reads all the horse books, would rather spend time at the stable than at the mall, would rather ride a horse than a bike, who would rather clean a stall than clean a bedroom. Every parent of a horse-crazy child is looking for a one-stop resource filled with horse-iana to keep their child busy with his favourite subject, and Horse Crazy is the perfect choice. Award-winning author Jessie Haas is certifiably horse crazy herself, and has compiled almost 400 pages of horse trivia and information for any kid who's idea of a perfect day is one filled with manes, tails, hay, and neigh.