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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quiet on the Set

Film Industry Sees
No 'Action' on PA Budget Approval

By Deedee Bennett
Yesterday (June 30) was supposed to be the approval date for the new state budget, but "Mr. Rendell never has had a spending plan approved by that time," say many lawmakers.

Governor Rendell is warning Pennsylvanians not to expect a state budget deal this week or next. That means there's still time to appeal to legislators for the tax break for film companies.

Last week The Inquirer printed the following letter that I wrote asking legislators not to repeal a $75 million tax break that has brought approximately $300 million in production dollars to the state:

'As an actress, former film editor, mother of an executive producer, and Philadelphia native, the excitement of having filmmaking in Philadelphia is as much a part of the Philadelphia spirit as its sports' teams. And, naturally the amount of revenue it generates should be as big a deal to non-Philadelphia legislators as it is to the Philadelphians.

'Keep the tax breaks and help our restaurants, hotels, and other major attractions!"

There's a widespread perception that the film tax credits mostly benefit Allegheny (Pittsburgh) and Philadelphia counties. Actually 65 of Pennsylvania's 68 counties have a company in the movie business.

Write, e-mail, or call your representive and tell them not to repeal the tax break credit for film companies. There's still time.
(Deedee Bennett is an actress).