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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ballet Music

Karen Carreno
'Music for Ballet Class' Copyright 2006 Karen Carreno (Format: CD-R)


About Karen Carreno: Ms. Carreno received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin. She then taught and accompanied for UWM and Milwaukee Ballet. After moving to Los Angeles, CA she worked at Stanley Holden’s, Westide School of Ballet, CalArts, Loyola Marymount University, and for the Lewitzsky Co. She currently is the music director at Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre in Missoula, MT where she accompanies classes, performs and has toured with the company to Austria and Italy. She toured to China with the company in 2008 where she played for class at the National Ballet of China.Reviews:“Carreno’s masterful playing of the ballet repertoire is a centerpiece of the school, giving constant inspiration to Director Charlene Campbell and her students.”Kathryn Posin, Dance Magazine, January, 2006.You can find more information on Ms. Carreno and Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre on the web at rmbt.org