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Sunday, 14 June 2009

N.Y.C.: 11 June

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Photo-commentary By Richard Carreno
1. Times Square masquerading as Piazza San Marco. OK, San Marco doesn't have deck chairs....

2. The Carriage House, 136 West 18th Street. Once the residence of Elisha Brooks, one of the bruvthers of Blooks Blooders fame.
3. No. 1 Fifth Avenue. Up there, way up there in the penthouse I once interviewed Conor Cruise O'Brien, one of the true geniuses of our time. Did I know then. Hardly, I was a undergraduate journalist at NYU's Washington Square Journal. (Pic snapped from Kimmel Center, Washington Square South).
4. Portrait of James M. Hester, NYU president when I was there (late 1960's). Portrait hangs in the Bobst Memorial Library, Washington Square South.
Junto photographs: Richard Carreno