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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Junto Goes Worldwide

'Round the World

With Junto

Junto is expanding its worldwide audience beyond its traditional readership audience in the United States and the United Kingdom, a statistical analysis by our data recorder, StatCounter, reports.

Rounding out the top locales are France, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria. As Joe Friday would say, 'Just the facts, maam, just the facts.' I don't understand, either.

StatCounter also tells us that, besides regular readers who have us bookmarked, Google searches account for most hits, with the following keywords amongst those used:

george frazier, inga saffron, justine shapiro, chevaliers du tastevin, montreal, henry viii, brian tierney, richard carreno, david traub, daniele thomas easton, dave rotchelle, and, of course, others.

Some of the above keywords are easily recognisible as Junto staples, or writers. Besides the obvious, who knows?

--- RDC