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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New York Gallery

Photos by
Peter Frishauf
By Peter Frishauf
Special to Junto

So spring is here and an afternoon fix is in order....first navigate past the army of children and babies in Riverside Park. Then on to Cherry Walk, past the ephemeral sculpture to the former Fairway parking lot, now the new Harlem Piers Park. Northward past a seal basking in the dusk to the very tip of Manhattan. There I meet Mia, an energetic tiny mutt (a "schnoozle" says the owner, Thomas, who rescued her from the street some years ago, "kind of a cross between a poodle and a schnauzer)". Mia jogs w Thomas from Spuyten Dival down to 125th street! "She understands German and Czech," he says. (Thomas immigrated from Stuttgart to Inwood 6 years ago w Czech wife) Catch those ears!
Park is looking good. Several hundred new trees (part of the million trees program) planted all along the Hudson path all the way to Inwood look healthy.
Harlem Pier Park. (former Fairway Parking Lot).

Hudson River Seal (OK. So it's really a rock).

Thomas and Mia.

Catch those ears!