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Monday, 9 February 2009

Say Arghh!

Obama-nation! Dying for Health Care

By Richard Carreño
Junto Staff Writer
One of the biggest fictions of America-Firsters is that the United States has the world's best health-care delivery system. A lie? More ignorance, which is usually the fact with the USA-All-the-Way crowd.

The reality is stark, according to Atul Gawande, writing recently in The New Yorker. In comparison to France -- I'm just loving this partuclar contrast -- the US has a lower life expectancy rate, a higher infant mortality rate, and higher overall medical costs.

'The French health-care system has among the highest public satisfaction levels of any major Western country,' Gawande reports. And, he noted, in 2000, the World Health Organization ranked France's national, socialist, Bolshie health-care system the real BEST in the world. The US's. No. 37. USA! All the way!

Already,nearly 50 million Americans are without proper health, and figure will increase as our unemployment rate and Depression -- yes, friends, it's a Depression (another Bush legacy!) -- expands.

Under such dire circumstances you'd think that Barack Obama (ie Nancy Pelosi) would have used his currently ship-wrecked national stimulus spending bill to goose a universal national health-care plan.

Sadly, no. Forget the legendary -- and meaningless -- 100 days. Less than month into his Presidency, Barack has gone from 60 to zero. After his stupid choice of the flawed Tom Daschle, Obama has another chance to get it right.

Memo to the President: It's not the man or woman who's indispensable in overseeing the re-do of our health-care system. Washington was indispensable. Lincoln was indispensible. FDR was indispensable.

Now, it's your turn, bro! By the way, that's we elected you in fit of feverish hope.

Now, it's also our turn to kick-start ourselves, as well. With a system that antes up more than $1 million in freebies to a mother of 14 to breed at will -- when others, many others are dying (again, see the Gawande article) -- you'd think even the usually torpid American public would rise up in rage. (Another object lesson from France: Hello, Protest!)

Only if we could tie $4-a-gallon gasoline to the health-care reform, then, only then, might Americans have some spine to demand that we join every other Western democracy in providing free health care to every citizen.