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Monday, 2 February 2009

Fashion: Dunkin' Toe Nuts

Slush Puppies:
The Last Frontier of Fashion

By Liliane L. Clever
Junto Staff Writer

What's up with this latest 'bare legs/no stocking' fad for women?
I fully understand this trend in warm climates and of course during the summer.  But in the winter?  I saw a young woman this morning with little sandals -- the kind you would wear on the hottest day of the year -- with bare legs and bare feet.  She seemed oblivious to the cold.
Let me understand -- are young folks on a special diet that protects them from the frigid temperatures? Here I was in my usual get up: pants and reasonable shoes. I was actually shocked and wanted to say something to her. This whole thing made me feel so out of touch and extremely old fashioned.
Yes, stockings are the invention of the devil. They can be tight, uncomfortable, and are expensive -- but they do keep you warm. They also put a barrier between your real self and the world, making you more 'respectable.'
I am telling you, what is the world coming to!  
Part Two: The Summer Feature -- flipflops 24/7 come rain, shine, and come shit! The sandal/flat thing with no socks, etc. Huh? Yes, are they inoculated, or just extra footwear at work? Actually, not reserved for young women.
Men? The winter look? No hats, just a fleece, no umbrella.
Is weather the last frontier of fashion?