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Sunday, 4 January 2009


Six-Feet Under in West Philly
Laurel Hill Cemetery in North Philly, a Victorian-era burying ground, is well known as a tourist site, as well as hallowed ground for some of Philadelphia's high and might -- and now dead.

Interestingly, The Woodlands, another Victorian plot in West Philly, almost equals Laurel in grave-site tourism, if not in size. (Woodlands Avenue at 40th Street). Moreover, it boasts the William Hamilton house, an early 19th century mansion, also known as The Woodands. The place as the same feel as the mansions scattered through Fairmount Park, with an exception. The Woodlands is in disrepair. With no interior furnishings.

Despite some renovation to the South Portico, The Woodlands still needs alot of help. I've been visiting the house, off and on, for more than five years. It's getting better.
The Woodlands' executive director, Jean K. Wolf, says more support is critical. To learn more, go to http://www.woodlandsphila.org/. Wolf can be reached via jwolf@woodlandsphila.org
-- RDC