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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Mail Room

Dollar Bill? Dollar Jack?

Does anyone else think it is odd that the President is expected to live
at his place of work? Yet, the Vice President gets a normal-looking house,
privated away on the grounds of the Naval Antennae Farm. I mean, the
Naval Observatory.

Wouldn't it be an improvement on things if, say, the
Secretary of the Treasury lived right next door in the Treasury
building. Would the patter of little feet in the cash room be a boon?

Speaking of the cash room, here's a bailout idea..., Why not let big
corporations 'name' denominations the way they do ball parks. You could
have the Jack Daniels $20 bill and redirect the money to
poor General Motors.

Let's see? Who else is making money these days? How
about a Dreamworks $100 bill, or the Harry Potter fiver?

David Houston, Oakland, California

The Editor responds: I'm thinking along the same lines: Why don't we permit corporate sponsorship of stamps. Instead of insipid pictures of has-beens, why not have pix of corporate titans instead. But make 'em pay. Reduce first-class to a penny.