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Monday, 13 October 2008

New Fiction

Island Ahead

By Tyler Goldman
Stanley Mavin set off to New York from England. It was a dark and stormy night. Stanley slowly went in the ship, and got his rain jacket. The ship's name was SS Mavin, named after Stanley.

Stanley and his friend Jack were at the dock at the England boat shore. The rain was coming down even harder now as Stanley was looking out of a window under the deck. Suddenly, when he got back to the deck, a huge rock was in from of the ship. Then CRASH! The ship started to sink.

As quickly as he could, Stanley jumped on the rock that crashed his ship. He watched sadly as his ship sank down to the bottom. But he had forgot all about Jack. Jack was swimming in the ocean.

'Jack, Jack!' Stanley yelled. 'Come here!'

As soon as Jack got on the rock, he sat down next to Stanley, and they sat there under the rain. Until they heard a noise. The noise was unusual. It was squeaking. They stood up, and they saw four dolphins. They came up to the rock, and Stanley and Jack jumped on them.

After about an hour, they took the boys to some kind of Island. After they got off, they found a bunch of leaves and put them across the top. The next morning, they got up early and found a perfect tree for a hunt. Stanley and Jack always had pocket knives in their back pockets. They made a giant wood pile, and they started sharpening piece after piece.

The boys broke bamboo for the roots. They used sharpened wood for the wall, stairs, watermill, and a stairway to get the hut. They found long vines and used them to get up the hut by climbing. It took them sunrise to sunset to make the perfect hut up high on a perfect tree to make two huts for the both of them. They had stairs to get up, a kitchen with coconuts, and a sink with fresh water.

As soon as they were done, the boys took a long rest. They woke up at noon, they thought, by looking at the sun. They took a walk to discover the Island, but not far from their hut. After walking for a hour, Stanley caught something and found a bush of thousands of blueberries. 'Jack, come over here,' he said. Both of them stood there amazed. They got as much as they could carry and scurried back to their hut, and put them in the kitchen. After that, it was pretty late so they stayed in their hut and had supper, and as soon as they were done supper, they took a good long rest.

The next morning after they woke up they took another walk, and this time they went the other way and after about an hour of walking they found a huge watering hole. They ran as fast as they could back to their hut and got the exit rope, and they tied it to the branches above the watering hole. Then, they took a long stick and stuck it in the outside to make a foothole to get out. After that, they jumped right in and used the ropes to swing across the watering hole.

When they were done swimming they used the footholes to get out, ran back to their hut and had a quick supper and went to bed.

The next morning they went to the watering hole and filled up some coconuts with water. They took another walk, then they heard a loud yelp. As soon as they got where the yelp led them they found two men. A elderly man, and a young man who were tied up by their hands sitting against a rock.

Stanley and Jack snuck behind the rock and whispered to them to calm down and they would set them free. As quietly as Stanley and Jack could, they untied the two men. They tiptoes back to Stanley and Jack's hut. The two men thanked Stanley and Jack and told them their names. Their names were Artie and Woody. Woody was the elderly man and Artie was the young man.
Woody told them how Pirates stole their ship.

The next morning none of them had breakfast. They went where Woody and Artie were tied against the rock. The Pirates weren't there so they found their boat and drove it as close as they could ion the ocean to Stanley and Jack's hut.

They were all so happy until they heard a noise. It sounded like a stampede. They looked back, and it was the Pirates sprinting as fast they could. Stanley, Jack, Woody, and Artie also were sprinting to the boat. They got in the boat and turned it on and zoomed out of the Island leaving everything that was on the boat behind.

The Pirates were screaming at them. When they were so far away from the Pirates that they could not reach them, they stopped and were so happy to get off the Island. Since they were all from England, Woody did his best to find a coastguard. After Woody found a coastguard, the coastguard took them to England.

They went to different parts of England, and they contacted each other, but beside from that, none of them never ever saw each other again, and never told anyone about the Island and the Pirates. When someone asked where they were, they told a fib and went on with their lives.

(Tyler Goldman, 9 years old, is a pupil in Mr Kuestner's fourth grade class).